Friday, January 27, 2017

Winter blues at the beach

Another non winter like year for us in Burlington Vermont with dark, dank rain, sleet and mush has got me dreaming of the beach. So yesterday I printed out my easy beach quilt pattern and started to play with fabric. I put on the new episode of PBS's Sherlock and thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of fantasy.


This is as far as I got yesterday. The pattern as printed makes an 8" by 10" making it easy to print but I like to enlarge 150% making it 11" by 13". It's still small so goes pretty quick.

Quilting is done. Next binding.

Auditioning binding here this morning. I always take a photo when undecided. Values stand out so much better. Now I can see that the one on the left looks best ( to me at least and its my fantasy, right?)

Some would call it done but I consider this now a blank canvas.

Let the embellishments begin!!

Stay tuned next week for the finish





  1. soothing in color, line and meaning. Soothing to the spirits.

  2. Now the fun part. We will patiently wait to see it come to life.
    xx, Carol

  3. A lovely start; I love the golds and blues. It will be fun to see where you take it next.