Friday, October 20, 2017


This week I have another landscape to show. I just love making these. They are relatively easy and I get to okay with my “good” batiks. I tend to collect sky and water fabrics and this yellow is lovely. Remember when doing a landscape the sky and water should be similar. When you look at a lake from far away it generally reflects the sky whatever that might be. At least in my world it does. 

I’m off to enjoy the last of our beautiful fall days here in Vermont. The weather this year has been just perfect. We are truly blessed. The color isn’t as good as some years but sunny and in the high 60’s very day? What’s not to love.

Does anyone use blogo for posting on blogspot? I had been using it and loving it bu for the last two weeks it crashes when I add a photo. Has anyone else had this problem? I am using another app but it’s not very good. 


  1. I thought of your beautiful lake whenever I was taking those pictures in Nova Scotia. Next year I might have to come see your lake.

  2. Yes I’m having the same issue. I write my post in Blogo then save and open in blogger from there. The only problem was that I had to save all my photos to google photos which wasn’t really a problem.

    I went to the support board and they’ve had this issue before so just watch for Blogo updates in the App Store.