Thursday, October 26, 2017

Sketchbook covers or storage bags?

My intention was to make a sketchbook cover out of this wonderful fern fabric that I scored recently. 

And yes, it did come out really good

The problem is I misjudged the size and cant fit the sketchbook inside. It’s to small.

So I made another and did the same damn thing! To small!

So what do I do with two book covers that don’t fit a book? 

Storage bags of course. One can never have to many, especially ones with fern fabric on them.

The moral of the story here is always make bigger, you can always cut it down but you can’t make it bigger after quilting. Dense quilting  makes the piece shrink a bit as does piecing which these have a lot of. Next time I’m giving myself two inches all around, then will measure the book after quilting and see how that goes. 

Live and learn


  1. You have other options, of course. You could make your own pages for the book, you could add fabric experiments or blank fabric for your pages. Lyric Kinard has the best tutorial here for making covers fit. Your covers are beautiful!

  2. It may have shrunk....but oh my......the quilting motifs you chose are just it!

  3. Been there, done that! The flood hid many of my mistakes! I agree. Now you need to get into bookmaking......wasn't there a class in that list I sent you? Prophetic, I am.....