Friday, October 6, 2017

New idea book

After listening to the new zealand quilt show podcast interview with lisa calle I feel the need to start a sketchbook. Of course I had to make a cover for it and forgot how fun these are to make!

A great way to use scraps and the quilt as you go is easy.(although I am in the you can never have to much quilting camp, so quilted on top of the quilt as you go) 😉

Note to self: when quilting words always write the word out on paper to look at . My brain can write with my hand but something about writing with the sewing machine - well things can go haywire. I first spelled sketch with a c instead of a k but saved it by putting in the k and making the word thick. You can see part of the c inderneath if you know it there.

Why I am calling this an idea book is where the lisa calle inspiration comes in. This is my book. It didnt cost alot of money so no need to be afraid to feel like I have to put some masterpiece of sketching or drawing in here. Nobody but me is going to see it. I can doodle, write notes,, write ideas, draw something crappy and unrecognizable, write quotes - I can write my grocery list if I want to. The point is to USE IT! Its small enough to throw in my bag so I will have a place to mindlessly draw or doodle when I want to rest my brain.

I hope you too will try having an "idea book"


  1. Your sketchbook cover is so cute! I made a new cover for a choir book the other day and had the same this-is-fun response as you did! I love little projects and I'm sure your sketchbook will fill up with great ideas.

  2. I love it Carol. I keep a planner and really should personalize it with a great cover. Thanks for the inspiration.
    xx, Carol

  3. Superbe et je me réjouis de voir quelques esquisses

  4. Love your sketch book...I actually have several and sometimes that is confusing to find what I need but oh my little books.