Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mother Earth is in our hands

I am participating in the art to fabric blog hop where for a week lots of quilt artists are making an art quilt having to do with mother earth and it also being inspired by another artist. That artist can be one that creates art in any form.

My mother earth was inspired by this photo taken by the Deep space climate satellite in 2015 using a special camera NASA uses combining a camera and a telescope. So the artist here would be NASA and the scientists.
You can read about it here.
and if you ever want some inspirationor just enjoy looking at cool photos, go to the NASA images site here.

To make the earth, I took a couple different shades of blue acrylic paint and poured it over a scrap of fabric, then rolled it around so it mixed but not to much. Then white paint was poured from a small cup over it, then swirled and rolled until I like the effect.

It was then set out in the sun to dry. Being so thick it took a long time to dry - like days, but eventually it did.

The painted earth was appliquéd to a background fabric and the hands were cut from a suede like fabric and attached using a fusible. After layering with a cotton batting, the whole thing was then quilted with an airy wind like design. I’m very happy with the quilting.

After binding the edges, the back was cut behind Mother Earth and stuffed with fiber fill to make it puff out. All in all it came out pretty although getting the paint to look like earth had more to do with luck rather than skill. I doubt I could make another.

But thats ok, we only need one mother earth - let's keep it around for awhile

Here are the other quilt artists posting new today so go check them out. The hop started monday so click on the art to fabric button on the right to get a list of all the participants. Definately worth a look. I love seeing how everbody chooses different art and ways to convey “mother earth love” all creative and unique. Thank you Aida for getting this all together.


  1. Hi, Carol, Very interesting piece! look at, to see the inspiration piece (photo) urging you to create it and spurring you on, to read about how you made the earth, to think about how we need to take care of our earth as we only have one.

  2. I love your process and your experimental glee! I also am really happy to know you care about the earth...

  3. Love this piece and am inspired by your process. Thanks for sharing your piece with us.

  4. Your Mother Earth piece looks fabulous! Is there a grand prize, you should win! If you want to pursue the paint stuff...Check out Marianne Williams......I think that is her name. She is from Florida and does quilt art pieces with paint she buys off the mistake rack at lowes or Home Depot! For 50 cents! Maybe her name is Williamson. She is pretty famous.

    I took her class a couple years ago through CFAL. She was so lackadaisical and funny and whatever happens, happens kind of thing. In fact the sunset piece on my bloghead was started in her class, I just didn't finish it!

  5. Enjoyed the process...thanks for taking us through it.

  6. That is a beautiful piece with a great inspiration! What an interesting process to use the paint in that way... the effect is just perfect!! Thanks for sharing your talent in this blog hop!!

  7. I just love how your 'Earth' came out and the overall quilt is just gorgeous, well done

  8. I love it! Thanks for sharing your process!

  9. Love how you used the paint and the effect you got! Thanks for sharing!

  10. You captured the Big Blue Marble! Very nice job!

  11. ohhh I like this - what I like is the movement the paint afforded you plus the texture of the quilting is perfect!