Saturday, March 28, 2015

Off the edge quilting - yellow

I made another one of what I thought was ghost quilting - see my last post here to find out about ghost quilting and the links to those who started me on this path.

this 6" square had a cute hummingbird so I drew out from the edges more flowers, leaves - drew my own hummingbird and added a bee. Now for ghost quilting I should really stop here, maybe add some other colors in my thread. But the kid in me that loves to color in coloring books just has to color these in! And I have all these cool pencils, pens, paint, pastels etc, etc. to play with just sitting there waiting to be used after all :-)

So I took my pastel sticks and colored in some of the drawn in parts.

Then took a blender stick that I bought for colored pencils and rubbed in. See the leaf that looks sort of crayonish - the blender ............ well blends the color. I then applied textile medium which is really just a matte white glue that dries clear because those pastel sticks rub off. As it was I ended up getting some on the white background just alittle bit.

So here it is finished - ended up being pretty seamless - hard to tell where the 6" decorator fabric ends almost. Good or bad thing? not sure but all I know is this is really fun to do and I like it.
I think I will call this technique off the edge quilting.
What do you think of that name? any other suggestions for naming this technique?
I'm linking up with the rainbow scrap challenge - the color this month is yellow - go there to see all the yellow quilty goodness :-)


  1. Wow! Whatever you name it, it is wonderful! That is beautiful. What a wonderful use of various media.

  2. This looks so wonderful! What a great idea. I read about it in one of my Artsy quilting magazines and it's so nice to see someone else trying it.

  3. you are in series! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  4. I love the results the technique gives, but I truly am a more traditional quilter. Your hummingbird is wonderful and I am just a little bit in awe of what you have achieved.

  5. Your ghost quilting turned out GREAT!!! You took an interesting path with this piece. I didn't expect that you would blur the beginning of the piece by adding so much coloring. It's beautiful, but you made it nearly impossible to tell where the inspiration fabric ends and your playtime begins.

  6. I would consider this a very successful venture into mixed media quilting! It will be fun to see what you do with purple!

  7. Definitely quilty goodness! So wonderful!