Friday, March 6, 2015

Fusible tips


I started a rather complicated fusible appliqué project today and wanted to share the way I usually tackle a project like this.



I make a line drawing trying to keep it as simple as possible. Just basic lines and shadows. All sections are numbered.

Then I flip it over and trace again to get the pieces reversed. I then use this to trace all the pieces on fusible web. Anything that is large with no sharp cornered I do on freezer paper for less glue bulk but in this case the face #5 is the only one.

On the bigger pieces cut out the inside for less glue bulk and remember to label each piece and put an arrow so you know which way is up.


You can buy appliqué pressing sheets but good old kitchen parchment paper works just as good. You can build your piece on it and the glue will not stick to the paper, just on the fabric that you place under it.


Put the parchment paper over the right side pattern and you can see thru it to see where to put your pieces.minlike to build in chunks. Here is an ear with a eye.

The ears were made then the top goes on.


Keep your inspiration photo close by especially when choosing fabrics.


Bottom half


And we have a sheep! Ready to pick out a background then will be shaded or painted, not sure what and of course quilted. I can pick her up and move her around now.

Hopefully next week she will be done and I will tell you her story and where I found the photo of this adorable sheep.

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  1. oh oh oh what a sheep! I love your shading and careful fabric choices and the attitude of that sheep! You know the world famous Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is coming up first weekend of May... LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. Your sheep is super adorable! Thanks for sharing your process!

  3. Love your sheep! The fabric choices are perfect.