Friday, May 4, 2018


I finally found some time (and my sewing machine) to do some fabric play. Made this little landscape the size of a composition notebook as I’ll probably make it into a journal. The bird museum took a few on consignment. I haven’t sold a thing on Etsy since they started letting people sell anything. Doesn’t have to be handmade anymore apparently and there are so many sellers you would never find me. It’s become more like eBay. I even saw someone selling a car and they had it classified as handmade! 

I finally finished laying my floor. It’s more slippery than I thought it would be. Not good for dogs so I’ll need lots of rugs. It’s vinyl plank flooring and I really love the look of aged oak. Because it’s fairly thin I was able to lay it right over the old vinyl tile and hardwood floors. Why out that plastic wood over real hardwood you say? I wanted a new look #1 plus didn’t want to deal with the whole sanding and refinishing that would have to happen. It’s still there though so when I sell the house it will be there for someone else to refinish or when I get sick of the “fake wood”. Right now I love it ❤️
There are so many things I want to do quilt wise but there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.
It’s nice outside so am really enjoying hikes with the dogs.

Today my hiking buddy, Jean and I found fiddleheads and ramps! My favorite thing. We also saw two owls sitting on a tree branch just sitting there looking at us. So cool! 

I’ll have more quilty things to show once I finish painting my kitchen area and closet. And then there is the IKEA drawers to put together. And the floor trim molding. It never ends, but I do enjoy DYI projects. Home Depot is my new favorite store. Don’t worry, quilt shops are still #1.I haven’t completely lost my mind 😜


  1. I love your new gray floors and they don't look "fake" at all. Too bad about Etsy. I had thought of trying to sell there, but never did.

  2. The floor looks great. We covered the hardwood floors except in the dining room. But it's a through traffic area so I put a 5 x 7 run in the path. Besides we spent a lot of time refinishing them once and the door claws just scratched the heck out of them. That might be why they were originally covered when we moved in.

    I hardly ever never go to Etsy anymore since they changed who and what could sell there. Searching is a waste of time because you NEVER find what you are looking for. I used to spend a lot of time there and bought a lot of things. The kids that don't know what Etsy WAS still think it's a cool place to buy stuff. But then, they have way more time to surf than I do.

    Your landscape is lovely. Hopefully the items you have out on consignment will sell. It's been a long time since I sold in shops or at shows. I used to sell jewelry in a small beauty shop, but I knew and trusted the owner. It's hard to sell what you make now days.
    xx, Carol

  3. Your floors look amazing. I agree with you, dogs can be hard on real wood floors so that laminate is really better. Too bad about etsy, they ruin everything good.