Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mom the quilter

First of all Happy Mothers Day! To all the mothers out there. I am very lucky and blessed to still have my mom alive and in my life at the age of 85. I went to see her for a Mother’s Day bbq and wanted to show you what a talented quilter she is still at the age of 85. She may not see as well or remember things like she used to but she still has it in the quilting department.

For instance she saw this quilt that is in the Smithsonian in a magazine

It tells about the quilt here. There was no pattern so she made one up herself

No computer generated e quilt pattern. She does it the way she always has, on graph paper.

And of course a quilt that is like the Copp family quilt has to be hand quilted. 

Here it is - nice , huh? And those little tiny Ohio star blocks in the middle? Pieced the regular way. Not paper pieced. She is very precise and exact which makes her such a good traditional quilter. She’s been at it for 60 years.

Here is a recent finish of hers as well.

And this is on her design wall

And this. Glen do you remember these beach houses you shared from someone online? I really liked it so printed it out but since it takes a lot of exact piecing of strips, I have never had the nerve to try it. I showed my mom and it’s taking awhile but she’s doing it after drafting herself a pattern.  There are more smaller houses to add and so it just gets harder and harder as they get smaller. 

So anyway, happy moms day to one and all (fur baby moms included of course)


  1. Yes!!!! I do remember those! I hope I can still find them on my computer. Love your mom! I wish I could hug her! She is so talented! I am glad you inherited that gene pool! Happy mother’s day to all the Mom’s at your house!

  2. Reading about your mom reminded me of my grandmother. She crocheted and made the most elaborate pieces from just her knowledge of the stitches. I admire traditional quilters for their perfection.
    xx, Carol

    Happy Mother's Day