Friday, May 18, 2018

The last word

Do you get art quilting studio magazine? 

Guess who is on the last word page? That’s right - it’s me! I’m very honored that they asked me to write it and show my It’s in your hands piece. 
I have to say this magazine has come along way. ( Im not just saying that cause I’m in it) A few years ago I thought it was so-so but in the last couple of years it really has blossomed to have some really good articles and amazing quilts by a diverse bunch. It’s big too, 144 pages. I get art quilting magazine but it seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

Between getting out in the beautiful weather we are having and painting my walls. (It takes me forever to paint) I haven’t done much quilting but I did finish this notebook journal cover

See how the front and back make one landscape? I like it.

The temps are in the high 60s low 70s around here right now so I am enjoying the outside as much as possible. We haven’t seen green leaves in 6 months so it is always a thrill to see trees and plants come alive again. I hope you are enjoying the spring as well!


  1. Oh no! Why did I not get my copy yet???? .what an honor..... you sneak. Congratulations!

  2. Beautiful landscape! And congrats on the magazine article.

  3. Congrats on being selected to be in the magazine. I got the first couple of issues and didn't really like it much. I'll have to give it another shot. I'm with you on Quilting Arts. I have subscribed forever and the issues ARE becoming smaller, but that is like about every magazine and newspaper published now.

    Love your landscape.
    xx, Carol

  4. Congratulations, 6 months of no green. I would not be happy.

  5. Congratulations, Carol! So glad they recognised your wonderful piece!