Thursday, May 2, 2019

Drawing a face

Faces are hard for me but after watching a video on the sketchbook revival this past week I learned this. (Unfortunately the classes are over. They were free but for only one week) 

First draw two lines for eyes and one for nose.

Do a little scribble under the eyes

Draw up from the nose into an eyebrow and add an eyebrow over the other eye and add a line for the mouth

Add a smaller line under the lip - nothing over it, keep it simple

Now draw in the outline of jaw, neck and any hair but try to keep it simple.
 Don’t be blue - you can draw faces.
 All your friends will be green with envy when you show them this technique 

In the class she used a heavy watercolor paper and watercolors but since I don’t have watercolor paper and I am a quilter I tried fabric. What makes this technique cool looking is that the lines get blurred. In the class she used regular graphite pencil and then added water with a brush and the pencil lines sort of smeared but you could still see what was going on. She used some of the smear to shade etc. with the fabric that didn’t work. I changed to a charcoal pencil and it was better  but not great. Inktense pencils might work really well with this but I haven’t tried that yet. I did take a spray bottle and wet it all then took a regular colored pencil and colored. It blended some. I’m going for a blended ethereal look. Although these two are far from that. This was all for fun and play and this is an easy way to do a face.

Try it! You can do this!

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  1. Is that you and me?? LOL. I have had some success using the intense pencils with a QTip with baby oil. You have to experiment with amounts of baby oil. This is similar to some product that is sold to be a blender for these pencils.