Friday, March 25, 2016


The Vermont bird museum is having a show this summer featuring fiber arts and the egg.

I showed you the birds nest with eggs and here is the other one I am submitting.

It started out being a hermit thrush egg which is a light blue with blotches so I took a light blue mottled fabric and splattered a bit of brown pain on it.

This little guy started out being white but then I have been watching the do eagles hatch and seeing .those little bundles of grey joy hatch, I had to make them grey. The grey fuzz is grey wool roving meddle felted in the black felt inside the egg and then sewn down by hand to secure.

You can watch the eagle cam here.

With that finished its on to a new project.


It's a landscape and I am trying to add some light areas. Tried dynaflow here which is very thin.


Wanted it more pronounced so added some regular white paint watered down alittle.


Still not satisfied so added some pearl and shimmer violet fabric paint - ok, stop now.

Now, time to pull fabrics - my favorite thing!

Stay tuned





  1. Great start on a landscape - skies are always challenging. And, I love your little hermit thrush.

  2. Love that egg! I am going to send you the video Judy sent me yesterday. She said we could do this on fabric.......

  3. Seta shimmers are awesome... try them...
    Your blue fab is so gorge. The baby bird?? Born singing? Born to sing! LeeAnna