Friday, March 24, 2017

Changing nature


The real snow goose's eye


A quilted fabric eye ......... but it needs something

So some yarn was added first to the eyelid (I know birds don't have eyelids but in my fabric world they do)

Then to the bottom of the eye and I like it better.

Today I'll do the binding since it is snowing/ sleeting with blustery cold winds and I'm not going anywhere.

I can show you the finish next week

Today's game plan




  1. That's amazing, yarn eyelids really work!
    Lovely stitching, looking forward to seeing your finish.
    Stay cozy:)

  2. You are the eye master, Carol, from the spark of light to the eye lids.

  3. I appreciate the skill you have with creating fabric art. I am amazed and love to visit here.
    xx, Carol