Friday, March 3, 2017

Rescue patchwork

I just started watching a you tube video series called whirls and swirls. She has done a video a day for 100 days last year and is just starting another 100. Worth checking out here

Not much art quilting done because I've spent the past week patching holes and tears on an old well loved king sized dutchmans puzzle quilt.

There was a gapping hole right in the middle so I seam ripped out a block from a corner and appliqu├ęd that in the middle where it shows and patched the hole, then put that in the corner slot.

I thought that was it but then upon looking I started seeing a lot of this. Old fabric shreds after years of use unless the quilt is kept in a climate controlled vault somewhere but what good does that do? I believe a quilt should be used.

So not one to do a job half - assed, I ended up free motion quilting the geese in the offending blocks like this.


It took me awhile but was enjoyable " tv watching time" work.


Our crazy spring continues - on Sunday it was 70 degrees and tonight it's going to be 10 below zero!

Next week I am participating in a blog hop where you pick an artist and make a quilt inspired by that artist. Can be any art form including writers. I am doing Laurel Burch who you probablly know as a textile designer.

I'm sure you have owned at least one of her designs at some point.


Her style is uniquely her own.



  1. DH is gently, and sadly, approaching the end of the lifespan for boxers I made from him from one of Laurel Burch's jungle series. I'll be sad to see it go, but the elastic is wearing through the waistband and I don't have any fabric left to do repairs.

  2. i too love Laurel Burch's work!
    i have some of her horse work a bag and a journal that i use still!

  3. That's an inspirational job of repair. It has to be a well loved quilt. I can't wait to see how Laurel Burch has inspired you. Stay warm!