Friday, March 10, 2017

Guess what March 17th is? International quilting week end and free show week end on!

Series 100-1700 will be open to everyone for 3 days. All you have to do is register and sign in!

There are lots of good ones - here are a couple I have on my list as must see.


Show 1804 - Quilting Outside the Blocks

Featuring: Jenny Bowker / Anna Bates

Posts On: February 14, 2016

Jenny Bowker creates incredible pieced landscapes, with exotic images from the Middle East and Malaysia, where she lived with her diplomat husband. She connected with the traditional tentmakers of Cairo (who have been crafting their elaborate appliqué fabric pieces since 2000 BC), and depicts them as the gentle people she came to know. Jenny shares her quilting style, which often extends the quilt’s interior design out into the borders. She saves the most complicated quilting for the outside edges, where it is easier to manipulate them. She also walks us through the process of dissecting a tiling design (whether simple or complex), and creating a vellum pattern for it. She demonstrates this technique with a challenging design featuring two overlapping vases. She also discusses why all quilters should enter their work into quilt shows.


Show 1802 - Fearless Quilting and Fabulous Results

Featuring: Kathy McNeil / Ann Harwell

Posts On: January 17, 201

Kathy McNeil is a fearless quilter (would you cut up your wedding dress?), and as a longtime critical care nurse, she is very aware of the health benefits of quilting. She uses a variety of techniques to create the effects she desires. Need a color that you don’t have? Kathy shows how to heat set crayons to create any fabric color you need. She achieves different looks depending on whether she sets them while wet or dry. She then shows how to build a landscape or pictorial quilt by creating collage units. This allows her to move around the elements before finalizing the design. Her choice and use of fabrics will change the way you look at them. Her unique style extends to elements of her home as well. Next, Ann Harwell creates precision cut and pieced masterworks, inspired by nature and images from the Hubble telescope. She shares her technique for piecing with pins directly in the seam.

Show 1609 - Transforming Quilts from Real Life

Featuring: Lea McComas

Posts On: April 27, 201

Fiber Artist, Teacher and Author Lea McComas shows how she transforms her love of travel, faces and historical images into works of art. Her photo images are transformed via cropping, manipulating value and color, and even using gray scale. From designing, constructing, and on through intricate stitch work, Lea changes plain fabrics into realistic and vivid images. She also shares some of the antique textiles she picked up in her travels. Plus, bonus! Alex offers a clever method for facing a quilt while adding a built-in sleeve. This is a great technique for smaller quilts, when a common binding is too much.




  1. Thanks for the information. I'm running now to check it out.
    Have a great weekend.
    xx, Carol

  2. Thanks for the critter quilts via smilebox!
    I so love the watercolor arabian horse head
    done in a watercolorist style, 2 of my loves also!!