Friday, March 31, 2017

There's a snow Goose in my bathroom!

He looks mad.

I showed you last week how I changed the eye and added yarn around the eye. In hindsight I should have left it alone like the inspiration photo. That's what makes him look mad. Lesson learned - now we know if you want a bird to look mad at you, add eyelids! Oh well, don't mess with Mother Nature - birds don't have eyelids :-)

I have been enthralled with making these improve hashtag blocks this past week. Check out Gefilte quilts blog post on how to make them here. She has a few different ways to do them. Mine are the first method.

The above one is a hot pad

And here a potholder.

So fun and quick to make!

Try one



  1. Love the feathers on your snow goose. Do you have those where you live?

  2. What fun. I like the eye on the snow goose, but I don't think he looks mad. I don't like mad geese - one bit me when I was a child. I love your goose.